Policy Staff


This policy is only applicable for full-time employees and with non-definite contracts. It does not apply to contractors or part-time employees.


Basic salary, allowance and bonus


  1. Salary/renumeration will depend on position/level.
  2.  Allowance policy depends on position, ability and work location.

Meanwhile, employees will also receive appropriate allowance in case of sickness, wedding, funeral and Tet holiday.

  1. Bonus will depend on monthly, quarterly and yearly evaluation. Besides that, bonus will also be paid in certain public holidays. And especially bonus will be paid to initiatives (by an individual or group) that bring out good results or efficiency.
  1. The 13th month salary will be paid at the end of the lunar year after 12 months service.
  2. Salary increment will be reviewed by the company yearly after 12 months working since the starting date. This evaluation is based on employee’s knowledge, experience and performance within the last 12 months.



Working condition

1.             Probation: 2 - 3 months

2.             Working hours: 44 hrs/week

3.             Wedding leave: 3 days (1 day for son/daughter’s wedding).

4.             Bereavement leave: 3 days for funeral of parents, parents-in-law, spouse, or son/daughter.

Insurance benefits:

  • Heath insurance and social insurance.
  • Life insurance

Promotion opportunities

Promotion opportunities are open to every employee. With the goal to become a top prescription drugs manufacturer in Vietnam and the region, new positions and challenges will be opened up in the development process.


Employee training program

Employees can develop their personal skills via the following traning programs:

  • Induction program: to introduce to new employee to company history, organizational structure, business philosophy, product lines, policies and procedures, employee’s duty and interests. In this program, employees will also get to know one another.
  • Basics skills through hands-on training: Employees will be provided with adequate knowledge and necessary skills to handle their daily work.
  • Formal in-house training: These are general courses to equip staff with knowledge and skills that meets the minimum requirements of the job.
  • These programs are implemented by the company’s training capability and in-house experts. Some of the courses are: Effective communication skills, Teamwork, Change management, Job interview skills, Work management, etc…

External training and developing skills program:

Hasan provides training course for staff on a massive scale or for a number of selected staff which depends on the purpose of the training. This training course will be organized by a training company on a contractual basis in case Hasan destitute of experts.